What is Elon Musk doing? Oh, nothing, just riding the bike in his own way
We could read also in the Hungarian press – these days – that Elon Musk is selling this and that, he is getting rid of some of his properties, but the good old Musk (the “new rupture” 🙂 ) decided to take a much more radical step than this, and as far as I could find out how he works, it is not a temporary congestion in his brain. He had taken similar steps before, and in every case there was a reason.
For Musk, 2021 could be an extraordinary year, not least because in the first weeks of this year, his fortunes exceeded $ 185 billion due to the increase in the value of Tesla shares, so he had taken over the title of the richest man in the world from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Basically, he could have taken the lead also financially because 2020 was the year of the run-in, it’s enought to think of the successfully launched SpaceX rockets. Those who have been laughing out loud for years are becoming audibly quieter and quieter, and Musk’s at first devious path is becoming more and more straightforward; he is starting to race like his rockets. At the same time, I would not have thought that he would ever be the richest man, as his businesses are the most expensive and risky businesses in existence. Think about it: how much can it cost to build a virtual network like Facebook? – and on the other hand, what money is needed to build factories, cars, rockets? Musk picked out the two most costly, and therefore most hopeless industries: the automotive industry and the aerospace industry. I wouldn’t go into that right now, but it’s a fact: it’s the wonder of the world that he didn’t fail in any of them. If he stayed standing in just one, he would already be one of the “smartest boys” on the market.
I never cared about who was the richest. It never had any message for me, except that man had always been a scrounging, greedy creature. Mostly that’s how I felt – and I still feel – when it comes to tech companies. They do not create anything. They can be completely destroyed to the last „screw” with a powerbreak. Once the main switch was pulled down, nothing would be left of Mark Zuckerberg and his air castle.
If the main switch is never pulled off, it will be mainly due to the people like Musk.
Yet, a world has been built where it is impossible to compete with these tech companies. But right now it seems possible nonetheless. That’s why I “opened a champagne” in early January because of Musk’s breakthrough. A thousand times rather Musk should be the richest than, say, the psychotic Zuckerberg.
There is no doubt that there is a dose of fanaticism in Musk, but it must be seen that what we perceive as fanaticism is, in large part, and in the most positive sense, progression. It is a clever progression.
Musk – just when he has the most money – plans to sell everything. He retains all his existing real estate, and he only keeps his shares, to carry out his plans for the colonization of Mars. his real estate is currently worth $ 181.7 billion, but Musk considers it more „important for humanity to become a space civilization and a multi-planet species“. Building a city is a terrible cost anywhere. Well even on Mars! However, Musk strives in this direction at full steam.
„Basically I will not have possessions with monetary value, other than company stocks”
Musk plans to sleep either in one of the factories or in the office, but rents a house to his family.
And on Twitter just over two years ago, he wrote:
„About half of my money is intended to help the problems on Earth and the other half to help establish a self-sufficient city on Mars to ensure the continuation of life (of all species) should Earth be hit by a meteor like the dinosaurs or World War III happens and destroys us“
Towards the end of 2020, I also reported that Musk had announced: the first Mars mission would start much sooner than we initially thought.
Now his fortune is at full capacity. Few know, but this is not the first time Musk will be sleeping in his office. Even on the floor. This is not an exhibitionist Puritanism, what we might even think of, but a reasonable consideration. He had previously experienced ups and downs where he could not have done anything else. He risked huge sums of money, danced on the razor’s edge for a period while he was building his companies, asking his friends for loans for the daily bread, and found accommodation in friends‘ houses. All of this was inevitably necessary for him to start 2021 as the richest man in the world. Musk is undoubtedly a work alcoholic and a maximalist (it also can be difficult with him, but about that later), but he has enough experience and knowledge behind him to know: there are two basic situations in a progressive person’s life.
Everything has to be rationalized to the last breath and cent in order to avoid a total downfall.
Or in order to maximize opportunities when he has overcome the biggest obstacles and the wind is finally favorable.
Musk’s situation, his way of life, his thinking, and accordingly his businesses do not allow him to move according to the golden mean. Tipically the situation with him that the way either takes his up or down. In his case, a plateau is unthinkable. Most of us are not familiar with this, but it is also an existing and effective way of life. So in Elon’s case, the radical sales indicate that he’s sitting confidently in the saddle. When he sells everything, he clings even more to the saddle-bow. He tramples the stirrup even harder. He knows that from about now, around 2021, there’s a realistic chance of what ha has always set as a goal, and he can really end his career on Mars. But he is sober enough to know that this is still only a chance, and can only be realized if he pushes the biggest on the life plan when it is already going well.
We could say it’s a rocket model. Just as a rocket can be accelerated in several stages by switching on more and more engines, so Musk’s projects can be accelerated to the final stage this way, and since the scale is unusually large, even the slightest thrust may be required to reach the finish line.
Anyway: finally someone who applies Einstein’s wisdom as well. He once said – this is my favorite quote from him: „There is balance as long as the momentum lasts.” The genius in this saying is that it perfectly combines the laws of physics with basic life experiences. When cycling, we keep ourselves easily balanced because there is momentum.
Momentum = speed x mass.
Expertly: p=mv
The greater the momentum, the greater the stability. The greater the mass and the speed, the greater the momentum.
That’s exactly what Musk does. He increases weight and speed as well.
At least that’s what he’s constantly striving for. That’s why it’s hard to follow him exactly, that’s why it’s hard to work with him, I guess, living with him can’t be easy either. Yet, if we look at the dude well, he does nothing but beautifully, cleverly, according to the laws of physics and Einsteinian wisdom: he rides a bicycle. But it’s true, he wants to ride until the Mars.

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