Smutny Anioł (2008)

Centauri: Kék angyal – Blue Angel
Magvető, Budapest, 2008. 341 pages
kotete2Centauri is best known for not being known. This is the second book to have appeared under that name, following Pátosz a káoszban (’Pathos in Chaos’), now being published in Magvető’s ’Novellarium’ series. The person–or, perhaps more precisely, the personality–behind the photograph on the inside of the dust jacket is, appropriately, the CT-scan of a skull (the author’s perhaps?).
The secrecy and the mysterious X-ray-sharpness that illuminates and circumscribes the secret and the unknown is also true, to the nth degree and also poetically, of Centaur’s prose. Very strange beings, mystic figures, put in an appearance of the pages of the longer of these tales only for the narrator, through a sudden shift in viewpoint, to depict the world from an entirely different perspective. Hell and haeven, with the world in between–or what we take to be the world. This an objective personality, an abstract colorist, a transcendental chemist. At the centre of Centauri’s texts is an amalgam of transparent alchemy and Kafkaesque absurdity.
A while nobody knows who Centauri is, everyone knows full well who is behind the name.


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